In Complex Light


This project developed lighting designs that considered a perceived selfishness prevalent in Australian and western society, or a lack of concern for the possible effects of our actions. Form has been developed through research into complexity theory in the construction of social insect nest architecture, a process that can be described as a complex self organising adaptive system. Social insects are an appropriate metaphor for human society; a large group of autonomous individuals performing their own tasks that self organise to work together, a feat which humanity struggles to achieve. Ultimately we can still have the things that we want, we simply need to consider how those things came to be and the possible effects of our consumption of these things. If we make better choices, perhaps the resulting chain of events may lead to more positive outcomes.


Interestingly though, the connection with insects and complexity theory was only made whilst reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which somehow triggered a memory of a small piece of termites nest I had stopped to admire whilst mountain biking one year earlier.


Handmade in Australia

Material: Porcelain


Price & Dimensions

Tea lights (75mm H / 70mm W) $52

Lamp / Pendant light medium (175mm H / 125mm W) $375

Lamp / Pendant light large (175mm H / 180mm W) $425